Herceg Stjepan Fortres

Above Ljubuški, on top of the Butorovica hill, there is a “sleeping” old town with a beautiful view of the valley of the Trebižat River. According to folktales, Duke Stjepan Vukšić Kosača is responsible for building the fortress, although historically it is older than him. In written sources, the name of the city is mentioned for the first time in 1435 under the name “Lubussa”.

Kravica Slapovi Ljubu[ki

The fortress complex consists of two parts. The central tower “Herceguša” was built at the end of the 14th or beginning of the 15th century and the perimeter wall in the form of an irregular polygon with massive towers built in the Ottoman period after 1472. THE OLD TOWN OF LJUBUŠKI was declared a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2003.

Shortly before 1477, the city fell into Turkish hands and became a frontier fortress with a strong garrison. The Turks converted the fortress into a military residence, with all the accompanying facilities. After 1835. the Ljubuški fortress lost its defensive and strategic role.


Herceg Stjepan Fortres


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Herceg Stjepan Fortres

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